Monday, January 21, 2008


Hello Everyone! Thanks for visiting Jon Jon’s webpage and blog. Please bare with us as this website gets up and running. We have a few plans up our sleeves so please be patient as we update the website from it’s beginning stages. We hope that you will all join us on March 29th for the Benefit. ( If you would like to help or donate, please email us at As for this blog, check back for updates on Benefit information, and Jon Jon and the Cinelli Family on this journey. We are hoping to have a guestbook up and running shortly so that you can send your well wishes to the family.
Thank you!!


bonny said...

dear jon, anne,jon jon and clair,
my prayers are with you all, i am absolutly speechless
jon, your strength is that of your dad! a special man who was there for melody,krystal and myself, complete selflessness. in the good times and very bad times, he was always there and believed the best was around the corner, i believe that for you. never under estimate the power of prayer....your family has made some of my families most cherished memories, i will always be greatful for that. i want to help in any way possible. i am sending an e-mail today regarding a special donation for the fund raiser, melody will be there from NYC and Krystal from Calf. MY special prayers surrounf you! keep the faith!!!!
love bonny, melody & krystal

Jon Jon's Daddy said...

Awesome I can't wait to see all of you there!!! Thank you for the great thoughts and prayers, they are working!!!